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  • ''What am I reading?' Bonsai: The big book of short stories [Forthcoming August 2018]

  • 'The midst' Headlands: New stories of anxiety. [Forthcoming October 2018]

  • 'Indefatigable wings' [Creative non-fiction] Overland

  • 'Eve's characterisation and generic engagement: Hutchinson and Milton' [Conference abstract] Newcastle University

  • 'Blinded by the Light' [Creative non-fiction] Overland.

  • 'Can the Writer Speak?: On Writers, Politics and Terorism' [Creative non-fiction] Kill Your Darlings

  • 'Microfiction as a progressive form' [Essay/Review] Newtown Review of Books

  • 'In defense of #badsex' [Creative non-fiction] The Atlantic

  • 'That shape had none: Integrity of character in William Blake's illustrations of Paradise Lost' [Conference abstract] University of Waikato

  • 'Morrissey's marketable merde' [Creative non-fiction] Overland

  • 'Characterizing Rebecca: Lucy Hutchinson’s elaboration in biblical negative space' [Journal article] Te Kura Kete Aronui

  • 'The C-word' [Creative non-fiction] Overland

  • 'Characterization and negative space' [Conference abstract] University of Waikato

  • "On writing" [Invited commentary] Headland

  • “The Politics of Prizes” University of Auckland 

  • 'Men Adrift' University of Auckland

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